Stockwell International News Alert New Zealand 12th November 2020

Peak Season Surcharge & Congestion Surcharge Dear Customers, Stockwell International has received notice that in light of the continued Industrial Action and several shipping lines being impacted a GRI/PSS has been implemented: Implemented 1st November: Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Australia and New Zealand  US$300/TEU and US$600/FEU for both dry and refrigerated cargo Implemented 16 November: North […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 12th November

Protected Industrial Action Dear Customers, Please be informed that Svitzer Australia has received notifications from the Maritime Union of Australia of protected industrial action by members. This will affect Towage at these time. Following info from the Protected Industrial Notice, the detail and location of the notices of protected industrial action involving members of the […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 5th November

Severe Weather Sydney Dear Customers, Please be advised that Stockwell International has just received information that vessel operations at Sydney Terminal has been significantly impacted by high winds. Vessel operations have ceased from 05/11 0610 this morning and have yet to start up again. High winds are forecasted to continue over the next approx. 24 hours. Further […]

Stockwell International News Alert New Zealand 4th November 2020

Space Issues Asia to New Zealand Dear Customers, Stockwell International has been updated that from previous notices the situation due to several factors has remained unchanged and continues to worsen. Shipping lines have all issued a notice of General Rate increases effective 1st November 2020 for shipments from North East and South East Asia (including […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 3rd November 2020

Typhoon Goni Dear Customers, On behalf of Stockwell International, we send our most sincere condolences and support to everyone affected in Philippines, by typhoon Goni. Stockwell International  received information last night that the Philippines  was hit by a Super Typhoon that brought flooding, mudslides and strong winds causing many businesses to shut, injuring and displacing many people (approximately 19 […]