Stockwell International News Alert New Zealand 12th November 2020

Peak Season Surcharge & Congestion Surcharge

Dear Customers,

Stockwell International has received notice that in light of the continued Industrial Action and several shipping lines being impacted a GRI/PSS has been implemented:

  • Implemented 1st November: Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Australia and New Zealand  US$300/TEU and US$600/FEU for both dry and refrigerated cargo
  • Implemented 16 November: North Europe, Mediterranean and Black Sea to Oceania US$200/TEU and US$400/FEU
  • Implemented 6 November: India to Australia and New Zealand US$100/TEU

Please be advised that due to the continued challenges in moving cargo over over the ports of New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles we will be implementing a Congestion Surcharge on all outbound cargo that is moving from or via New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles.

  • Implemented 28 November: All North American CFS to All Destinations (sailing From New York, New Jersey,
    Los Angeles, or Long Beach) US$5.00 w/m, MIN 1 cbm

Stockwell International has received advice and wishes to advise customers that due to the ongoing and heavy congestion that is being experienced in UK ports, a Congestion Surcharge (CGS) will be introduced for all cargo moving from Australia and New Zealand to the United Kingdom

  • Implemented 16 NovemberUSD 100 per TEU for both Dry and Reefer cargo from Australia and New Zealand to United Kingdom

A Congestion Surcharge of USD280/TEU will be applied as follows;
To and From Port of Auckland, New Zealand (For all container types)

  • Export cargo from Port of Auckland, New Zealand
  • on or after 16th November 2020* (*based on freight application date)
  • prepaid by shipper (charge code: CGL)
  • Import cargo to Port of Auckland, New Zealand
  • on or after 16th November 2020* (*based on freight application date)
  • collected from consignee (charge code: CGD)

In summary:
For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected] or 1300 786 468.

Congestion Updates

Auckland to Christchurch

Stockwell International has been advised that sea freight from Auckland to Christchurch has been suspended due to the current shipping issues affecting New Zealand ports and services which is unlikely to go back to normal until early next year.

Rail is only accepting bookings for services four weeks ahead. The next option is not till 23rd November and weekly thereafter subject to space. All waitlist bookings are also now cancelled.

Stockwells has also been advised that because rail costs are significantly higher than coastal sea freight there will be a levy initiated; Christchurch Congestion Surcharge of $40 per revenue ton when cargo moves via rail to the South Island.

USA/Canada to Lyttelton via Auckland 

Stockwell International has been advised that shipping line Vanguard  has announced an Auckland Congestion Surcharge effective 23rd October 2020. The surcharge will be applied to all coastal containers loaded from Auckland to Lyttelton

Unfortunately Stockwell International has no choice but to pass this cost on.



Stockwell International has been advised estimated turnaround times as are:

  • 10-12 days from date of discharge for general cargo.
  • 3-5 days from date of discharge for containers that were priority managed by you through Shuttle Select.

For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected] or 1300 786 468.

Schedule Delays Update

Dear Customers,

Stockwell International would like to update customers with the following information regarding the terminal situation in Australia.


DPW Terminal

  • Current vessel waiting time / delay: 4->5 days
  • Outlook: Terminal Situation is expected to improve by end week 47

Patrick Terminal

  • Current vessel waiting time / delay: 16-18 days.
  • Outlook: Industrial Action Suspended through December 1st.

Svitzer Australia protected industrial action is planned to take place from 12:01 am Thursday 29 October 2020 through to 11:59 pm Sunday 29 November 2020.

The impact to operations and towage services will be in the form of bans on:

  • Overtime and recalls from leave;
  • Use of the Svitzer planned maintenance system Sertica;
  • Svitzer Australia online training courses;
  • Breaks being taken away from the ordinary Svitzer tug berth, for example, on a mooring which is required to provide services in certain ports.

According to shipping lines; 

  • There is 1 container vessel waiting to enter Port Botany, 2 container vessels approaching the boarding ground and 6 container vessels at berth. Some vessels have changed the order of their port calls to minimise waiting time.
  • There are 4 vessels that are still scheduled to omit Port Botany, with no new omissions announced in the past week.
  • DP World Australia and Patrick Terminals have more cranes in operation and greater throughput through their terminals.
  • DP World and Hutchison are permitting shipping lines to exceed proforma window exchanges, to assist with the evacuation of empty containers. There is a 1-2 day delay to berth at the terminal at the moment.
  • In terms of clearing the backlog of containers at Port Botany  DP World Australia has claimed they will have cleared the backlog in the next 10-14 days and Patrick Terminals is experiencing up to 21 days delay in scheduled vessel arrivals.
  • There are containers that have been delivered, or are en-route to Port of Melbourne, that will be transhipped to Port Botany. This process could result 3-4 weeks delay.

For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected] or 1300 786 468.

Shipping Line Service Suspensions 

Dear Customers,

Due to the recent events, several shipping lines have suspended bookings from various trade lanes to all AU ports. Currently, getting space on vessels is extremely difficult, most shipping lines are NOT taking any NEW BOOKINGS until December. Bad weather and lack of equipment is adding to the already difficult situation.

  • OOCL/COSCO sent a notice advising the suspension of bookings to Australia ex SEA and Europe.
  • ALL Shipping Lines have suspended bookings ex India to AU

Please contact your sales rep ASAP for new bookings.

For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected] or 1300 786 468.

Reduced Free Dwell on Imports 

Dear Customers,

As you may know, over recent weeks, severe congestion and capacity issues at other ports have seen record levels of import and export cargo volumes diverted through Port of Tauranga

Importers to collect import cargo as quickly as possible to ensure the quick movement of cargo, free days at both sites will reduce from five days to four days for import containers.

This change will be implemented from Monday, 16 November 2020.

For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected] or 1300 786 468.

Congestion Surcharge Update 

Dear Customers,

As you may know, Port Botany, Sydney has been dealing with a great deal of Industrial Action as of late. These strikes, go slows and work bans have caused ongoing congestion, resulting in an excess of more than 50,000TEU of cargo that has not been shipped out of the system.

This has caused numerous shipping lines to charge a congestion fee into several ports. Port Congestion Surcharges currently look like this;


Stockwell International will endeavour to update you as more information becomes available. For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected] or 1300 786 468.

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