Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 12th November

Protected Industrial Action

Dear Customers,

Please be informed that Svitzer Australia has received notifications from the Maritime Union of Australia of protected industrial action by members. This will affect Towage at these time.

Following info from the Protected Industrial Notice, the detail and location of the notices of protected industrial action involving members of the MUA employed by Svitzer Australia are as follows:

  • Adelaide and Port Pirie, South Australia: a stoppage of work for 24 hours duration commencing at 12:01 am on Friday 13 November 2020.
  • Sydney: bans on captive shifts from12:01 am on Friday 13 November 2020 through to 11:59 pm on Friday 13 November 2020.
  • Geelong and Melbourne: a stoppage of work for 4 hours duration commencing at 8:00 am on Friday 13 November 2020.
  • Brisbane: a stoppage of work for 4 hours duration commencing at 5:00 am on Friday 13 November 2020.

These industrial activities will have an impact on terminals and vessel operations, resulting in various schedule delays.

For any questions please contact your sales representative on [email protected].


Shipping Line Service Suspensions 

Due to the recent events, several shipping lines have suspended bookings from various trade lanes to all AU ports. Currently, getting space on vessels is extremely difficult, most shipping lines are NOT taking any NEW BOOKINGS until December. Bad weather and lack of equipment is adding to the already difficult situation.

  • OOCL/COSCO sent a notice advising the suspension of bookings to Australia ex SEA and Europe.
  • ALL Shipping Lines have suspended bookings ex India to AU

New Zealand
Stockwell International has also been advised that sea freight from Auckland to Christchurch has been suspended due to the current shipping issues affecting New Zealand ports and services which is unlikely to go back to normal until early next year.

Rail is only accepting bookings for services four weeks ahead. The next option is not till 23rd November and weekly thereafter subject to space. All waitlist bookings are also now cancelled.

Stockwells has also been advised that because rail costs are significantly higher than coastal sea freight there will be a levy initiated; Christchurch Congestion Surcharge of $40 per revenue ton when cargo moves via rail to the South Island.

Please contact your sales rep ASAP for new bookings.


Schedule Delays Update

Stockwell International would like to update customers with the following information regarding the terminal situation in Australia.


DPW Terminal

  • Current vessel waiting time / delay: 3-5 days.

Terminal Situation is expected to improve by end week 43.

Patrick Terminal

  • Fremantle, Melbourne and Brisbane presently have no delays
  • Sydney has recovered to the extent that vessels are berthing on average 4 days behind schedule

Industrial Action Suspended until 1st November

According to shipping lines; 

  • There is 1 container vessel waiting to enter Port Botany, 2 container vessels approaching the boarding ground and 6 container vessels at berth. Some vessels have changed the order of their port calls to minimise waiting time.
  • There are 4 vessels that are still scheduled to omit Port Botany, with no new omissions announced in the past week.
  • DP World Australia and Patrick Terminals have more cranes in operation and greater throughput through their terminals.
  • DP World and Hutchison are permitting shipping lines to exceed proforma window exchanges, to assist with the evacuation of empty containers. There is a 1-2 day delay to berth at the terminal at the moment.
  • In terms of clearing the backlog of containers at Port Botany  DP World Australia has claimed they will have cleared the backlog in the next 10-14 days and Patrick Terminals is experiencing up to 21 days delay in scheduled vessel arrivals.
  • There are containers that have been delivered, or are en-route to Port of Melbourne, that will be transhipped to Port Botany. This process could result 3-4 weeks delay.


Emergency Intermodal Charge – USA

Stockwell International has received information and wishes to inform customers that due to the ongoing congestion situation at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach an Emergency Intermodal Charge (EIC) for dry cargo moving from Australia / New Zealand / New Caledonia / French Polynesia to USA will be implemented.

As from 4 December until further notice, the EIC of USD 350 per dry container (20’, 40’, 40’HC) will be charged on all U.S. inland point shipments with provision of carrier haulage, pre-carriage or on-carriage door service over port rail ramp location shown.

The Emergency Intermodal Charge will apply to the following locations where door moves (truck/rail) routed via any ocean container yard or rail ramp

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • St Louis, Missouri
  • St Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota


Product Emissions Standards – Spark Ignition Engines

Stockwell International received advice from The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment administers in regards to Product Emissions Standards. The standards apply to new spark-ignition engines used in outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers, generators and whipper snippers; and marine vessels such as outboard engines, personal watercraft and stern-drive engines.

Since 1 July 2018, only products that comply with the standards can be imported into Australia. Emissions controlled products with engines that have been certified to standards by one of the following international authorities will meet the Australian standards:

  • the United States Environmental Protection Authority
  • European Union
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Californian Air Resources Board.

Please be keep in mind it is the responsibility of the importer to provide the correct certification numbers and declaring your goods incorrectly can lead to cargo being shipping back.

For more information click here.


Sea Priority 

Shipping line CMA/CGM/ANL has sent out notice that when shipping time-sensitive goods, their service SEAPRIORTIY will guarantee space and equipment for a fee;

  • NEA to AU/NZ  USD 800/BOX*

Valid 1st-30th November 2020.

See notice here.


Peak Season Surcharge & Congestion Surcharge

Stockwell International has received notice that in light of the continued Industrial Action and several shipping lines being impacted a GRI/PSS has been implemented:

  • Implemented 1st November: Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Australia US$300/TEU and US$600/FEU for both dry and refrigerated cargo
  • Implemented 16 November: North Europe, Mediterranean and Black Sea to Oceania US$200/TEU and US$400/FEU
  • Implemented 6 November: India to Australia and New Zealand US$100/TEU

Stockwell International has received information from agents in Italy that all cargo sailing from or via Italy from November 13th to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide will be subject to a Peak Season Surcharge.

  • USD 4.00 per w/m or Minimum

Please be advised that due to the continued challenges in moving cargo over the ports of New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles we will be implementing a Congestion Surcharge on all outbound cargo that is moving from or via New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles.

  • Implemented 28 November: All North American CFS to All Destinations (sailing From New York, New Jersey,
    Los Angeles, or Long Beach) US$5.00 w/m, MIN 1 cbm

Stockwell International has received advice and wishes to advise customers that due to the ongoing and heavy congestion that is being experienced in UK ports, a Congestion Surcharge (CGS) will be introduced for all cargo moving from Australia and New Zealand to the United Kingdom

  • Implemented 16 NovemberUSD 100 per TEU for both Dry and Reefer cargo from Australia and New Zealand to United Kingdom

In summary:


Christmas Season Outlook 

Stockwell International would like to remind customers that the next 6 weeks are critical for cargo arriving into domestic supply chains.

Retailers are now dealing with pre-Christmas sales much earlier due to the very popular one-off sales events – both on-line and in-store.

  • Amazon Prime Day yesterday
  • Click Frenzy 10 Nov
  • Black Friday 27 Nov
  • Cyber Monday 30 Nov

The demand on retailers will worsen by the Melbourne lockdown, as more purchases are made on-line and home delivery pressures grow.

If cargo is not here by November, Christmas sales may be missed. Please contact us ASAP for bookings.


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