Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 2nd August 2021

COVID-19 Update

Stockwell International would like to update clients with current COVID-19 situations.

As you may be aware, South East Queensland has now gone into lockdown, this morning it was announced a longer lockdown in the state’s south-east which will now run until Sunday.

As Victoria and New South Wales are currently on lockdown orders, Stockwell’s offices in these locations have already put work from home plans into motion.

Our Queensland offices have rolled out the same protocol and there will be no delays in our service. 

Please be reminded freight forwarding is an essential service, and Stockwell International has a detailed COVID-19 Saftey plan that is followed.  For questions please contact your sales rep on [email protected] or 1300 786 468

Protected Industrial Action 

Stockwell International received notice from the Maritime Union of Australia of more protected industrial action at Patrick’s Brisbane AutoStrad terminal.

The industrial action includes one-hour work stoppages at 0330, 1130 and 1930 on 12 and 13 August, and a 24-hour work stoppage starting at 2300 on 15 August.

There are also various bans on working when an employee is rostered “off/avail”, working overtime and working shift extensions between 5 August through the 15 August.For questions please contact your sales rep on [email protected] or 1300 786 468

Industry Update USA

Stockwell International has received information on current situation in USA.  

  • UPS has an equipment shortage (ULD’s and cargo nets) This is a growing industry wide problem
  • Airfreight carriers are pulling from the market
  • Charter costs are increasing 
  • There is considerations from shipping lines of significant fuel increase along with a rate increase caused by demand, lack of capacity, lack of competition, oil prices on the rise 
  • Seafreight equipment shortages increasing
  • Drayage rates continue to increase while availability of carriers decreases
  • Dray carriers continues last minute cancellations
  • An increase of dray carriers being turned away from ports and ramps due to no chassis available
  • Ocean carriers are consistently rolling and cancelling bookings while available bookings are 2 months out or more
  • LTL trucking rates continue to rise 

All of this means a huge deterioration of service, increase in pricing, and frustration.

Stockwells has been advised that the next few months will be even more challenging than the previous 18 months.  

For questions please contact your sales rep on [email protected] or 1300 786 468

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