Stockwell International News Alert New Zealand
24th December 2021

Auckland Port Infrastructure Levy FCL Import & Export Stockwell International has been informed of a two phase Port Infrastructure levy fee at Port of Auckland for all international and domestic containers arriving at, or departing from Port of Auckland.  This surcharge will be applied as per below table for all FCL international or domestic containers […]

Stockwell International News Alert New Zealand 19th August 2021

COVID-19 L4 Lockdown 2021 With the recent events and releases from Ministry Of Health, effective Thursday 19th August,  Stockwell NZ staff will be working remotely until further notice. The main line for the office will be redirected to management to field your calls and assist. All staff will be available during office hours on email or […]

Stockwell International News Alert New Zealand 18th August 2021

Omissions Trident ServiceStockwell International has been notified that Hamburg Sud will be omitting the port of Cartagena – Sociedad Portuaria Regi on the southbound voyage until further notice. The first vessel to omit Cartagena southbound is OLUF MAERSK V 135S on September 16th.  NZ1 ServiceShipping line ONE has advised Stockwell International that due to the Continuing port congestion, the Rio Blanco […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 12th August 2021

Severe Weather China  Stockwell International has received notice from our China counterparts.  Stockwells has been advised that Shanghai and Ningbo will have a difficult period for weeks after being hit with typhoon In-Fa. Due to safety concerns, Shanghai port authority announced reduction on draft limit. It is estimated that space will be reduced by another 15%.  Please […]

Stockwell International News Alert 9th August 2021

Patrick Weight Amendment Fee for Containers In January 2021 Patrick Terminals introduced a weight amendment fee (Pondus Fee) for import containers in Brisbane. Stockwell International advised clients in a news alert, you can read here. Patrick has announced the Pondus Fee will commence at Patrick Terminals, Melbourne on 4 October 2021. Sydney and Fremantle are yet to […]

Stockwell International New Zealand News Alert 4th August 2021

Auckland Weather Stockwell International has received alerts in regard to severe weather Auckland is currently experiencing. About 2000 homes across Auckland remain without power on Tuesday afternoon. Trees are down and the city’s roads are covered in debris.  High winds are affecting the Auckland Harbour Bridge, with delays expected. Stacked shipping containers in the Wiri container storage facility […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 2nd August 2021

COVID-19 Update Stockwell International would like to update clients with current COVID-19 situations. As you may be aware, South East Queensland has now gone into lockdown, this morning it was announced a longer lockdown in the state’s south-east which will now run until Sunday. As Victoria and New South Wales are currently on lockdown orders, Stockwell’s […]

Stockwell International News Alert 28th July 2021

Worldwide Weather  Dear Clients We would like to advise several extreme weather events happening worldwide.  PhilippinesPhilippine authorities moved thousands of residents of the capital, Manila, out of their low-lying communities on Saturday as heavy monsoon rain, compounded by a tropical storm, flooded the city and nearby provinces. Earlier on Saturday, residents of Metro Manila and […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 26th July 2021

COVID-19 Update Dear Clients Please be assured during these trying times that Stockwell international take ALL reasonable steps to keep its employees, clients, and affiliates safe. We are adhering to the current public health order and stay up to date with all new restrictions as they are announced. Stockwell International is still opened and operating, with […]

Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 20th July 2021

MUA ANNOUNCES MORE PATRICK INDUSTRIAL ACTION Stockwell International has been advised of the following: Sydney AutoStrad terminal, Patrick is reporting average terminal delays to be 6.2 days, average delay for on-window vessels is 4.8 days, and the average delay for off-window vessels is 8.2 days (as of Tuesday 13 July). Patrick Terminals – Brisbane AutoStrad: […]