Stockwell International Urgent News Alert New Zealand 23rd June 2021

Ashburton Bridge Repaired

Dear Customers, 

Due to the severe weather Canterbury was hit with in the last month causing a state of emergency, the Ashburton Bridge was damaged – the dip in the bridge meant the speed was reduced to 30km/h, delaying traffic at peak periods.

The dip in the Ashburton River bridge has been repaired and it is back up and running as normal.

A Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency spokesperson said the speed limit is now back to 50km/h.

  • The bridge now has 24/7 access for most vehicles. 
  • The bridge is open for over-dimension loads and the operating requirements for over-dimensions are as they were before the flood.
  • The traffic management on the bridge has been substantially removed. All the cones along the centreline have been removed along with other cones on the edgeline.

Waka Kotahi is aiming to complete the repair to the bridge pier in the next two months.

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