Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 16th April 2021

Line Haul – 6 Months in! 

At the end of March our new Line Haul division hit the 6 month mark and has now completed over 100 deliveries for clients of Stockwell International. We asked Linehaul Coordinator Austyn Gambell a few questions on the new service.

How does it feel to have completed 100 deliveries as Stockwell’s first Linehaul coordinator?

“I feel a sense of accomplishment. I am proud of the work I and many other team members have put in to make this new division successful. It feels great to be kicking goals and not only meeting targets but going beyond!”

What does the future of Linehaul look like?

“Starting linehaul during COVID-19 was tough, I’m thrilled by our efforts to make it successful during unprecedented times. We can only go up from here, with hopes of expanding in the future.”

Do you have any words of advice for people starting out in this line of work?

“It can definitely be hard at times, my best advice is to work hard, respond quickly, in the transport business you’ll need to learn how to diffuse many situations.”


For quotes or more information of our new Line Haul division check out our page or email [email protected].

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