Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 12th February 2021

Happy Lunar New Year!
Stockwell International would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

2021 brings us year of the Ox! The Ox is the second of all zodiac animals.The Ox is a valued animal, because of its role in agriculture, positive characteristics, such as being hardworking and honest, are attributed to it.

Please be reminded that as a result companies operating feeder services from Chinese River Ports will suspend their services, warehouses, offices and businesses will be shut down.

Please contact your sales representative for any new bookings.
Industrial Action Port of Melbourne 
Stockwell International has received notice from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) of a four-hour stoppage commencing Tuesday 16th February from 16:00 to 20:00 at the Victorian International Container Terminal.

Reports have said the MUA is demanding wage increases equivalent to between 5.8% to 11% each year over 3 years for certain roles, with overtime and penalty rates to rise by 50% to 100% from current rates. The MUA is also seeking a paid week off every 10 weeks, plus reduced shifts in the 9th week, effectively reducing time worked by 11.4%.

Please keep in mind these stoppages will cause delays, and we will work closely with the appropriate authorities to try to keep delays to a minimum. 

For more information on this please click here

For more information or concerns, please contact your sales representative on 1300 786 468 or [email protected] 
Empty Container Park Situation 
Sydney Empty Container Congestion

Stockwell International has received and would like to inform you that Sydney is still struggling with managing the Empty Container volumes. As per the below notice from ContainerChain shows that MCS COOKS RIVER Empty Container depot is close to reaching its capacity for safe working operations. This crisis is not only impacting MCS but all Empty Parks in Sydney“With immediate effect, empty container depotMCS COOKS RIVER is unable to accept any further 40’ containers and special equipment until further notice”. Stockwell’s recommends contacting the relevant shipping line for alternative de-hire arrangements. Stockwell’s will not be held liable for any additional charges incurred due to this disruption outside of our control.

Melbourne Empty Container CongestionStockwell International has also received notice from Container Transport Alliance Australia of surging containerised import volumes through the Port of Melbourne, along with average empty container evacuations by shipping lines, has caused a build-up of empty container stock that has reached critical levels in Melbourne.

This has resulted in most of the empty container parks in Melbourne being near or at operational capacity, causing delays in import container de-hires, difficulties in accessing export empties in some instances, expensive redirections, truck queuing and added landside logistics costs.

As depots are becoming full, we ask you to please speak with your sales rep and keep in mind delays this may create. To see notice, click here

For more information on the fight against empty container build up, click here.

For more information or concerns, please contact your sales representative on 1300 786 468 or [email protected] 

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