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Unsecured cargo unpacked at Stockwell International warehouse
Unsecured cargo unpacked at Stockwell International warehouse

If your cargo is not secured properly when importing, you are liable for accidents that are caused by unsecured cargo on Australian roads. Overseas suppliers are not responsible for what happens to your improperly secured shipment!

Just because it’s a tight fit does not mean your cargo won’t move. Cargo in transit always moves! While being transported, cargo is at the mercy of forces out of our control. No matter the weight, movement will be equal, a pallet that weighs 350kgs will have the exact same movement as a 150kg pallet. By assisting you to safely secure your cargo, cargo damage can be greatly reduced and you and your team can be rest assured that no one involved in those shipments will incur fines or even jail time.

Stockwell International’s mission is to develop logistics solutions for all business’ large or small both import/export through any transport medium. With over 48 years of experience in supply chains Stockwell International can assist you when it comes to safely securing your cargo

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