Stockwell International Urgent News Alert 9th June 2021

Protected Industrial Action – Victoria International Container TerminalStockwell International have received information from The Maritime Union of Australia regarding Protected Industrial Action.

MUA have advised plans to carry out eight 12-hour stoppages at the Victoria International Container Terminal starting on Friday 11 June, with each stoppage commencing at 1800 every day.

The current industrial action plan is below:

Victoria International Container Terminal      

12 Hour stoppages scheduled:Friday 11th – Tuesday 22nd June 2021 from 1800
If you have any questions, please get in contact with your sales representative on 1300 786 468 or [email protected]
Port of Yantian and Shekou Omissions & CongestionsStockwell International has been updated by shipping line Hapag-Lloyd that due to the outbreak of COVID-19 within the Port of Yantian there will be several omissions to ensure safety and minimise vessel waiting time and port congestion. The Western area of the Yantian terminal remains closed to date.  The Eastern area is receiving containers for export but the capacity is not fully recovered.As the outlook for the congestion is to continue through to July, it is advised to consider alternate loading ports in Pearl River Delta area such as Huangpu (Guangzhou), Foshan and Zhongshan and also Hong Kong port where possible, for cargo that would normally depart Shekou and Yantian

Please see omissions as follows:
Latest Shipping NewsMarks and Numbers – Australia 
There has been an increase of cargo moving through our Australian Seafreight CFSs with inadequate marks and numbers on the cargo and within cargo reporting, please kindly ensure that your shippers/consignees are aware of the minimum marking requirements as outlined below; 

Export Sea:Actual Shipper and Consignee DetailsOrigin & DestinationNumber of Packages (i.e 1 of 2, 2 of 2)Shipper and Consignee Reference numbersIn addition to the above, please also ensure that the interim receipt provided to the CFS at time of check in coincides with the cargo being delivered

Import Sea:Actual Shipper and Consignee DetailsNumber of Packages (i.e 1 of 2, 2 of 2)Shipper and Consignee Reference numbersBookings
Bookings ex Asia, specifically China, are very strong right now with vessels booking out 3-4 weeks in advance, with most carriers fully booked until June. It is essential that Stockwells is notified of new orders at least 2 weeks in advance of the cargo ready date so that we can find space on the most suitable services.

Equipment Shortages, COVID Situation & Congestion – China
South China is facing severe delays due to COVID-19 outbreaks in Nansha & Yantian, due to port workers and drivers being tested continuously, this is causing limited trailers and compounding vessel congestion resulting in equipment shortages. Gridlock is to be expected for thenext 7-14 days. 

Equipment shortages are starting to be seen again in China with Evergreen releasing a notice last week stating: “South China is running low on 40HC supply. HQ will be limited and reserved for US and EU trade at a very high rate. South bound to AU will need to use 2x20GP, 40GPs or NORs from south China ports as 40HC will more than likely be unavailable”. South China Ports include Shekou, Yantian, Huangpu, Hong Kong, Sanshui, Fuzhou, Foshan. Shipping line ANL are also experiencing equipment shortages in Xingang/Shanghai.

Space and Equipment Shortages – Europe
Space and equipment issues are worsening ex Europe with rollovers and delays being extremely large. Trans-ship carriers are either cutting space allocation or suspending booking acceptance completely in order to ease backlogs.

Congestion – New Zealand
Due to the severe congestion currently being experienced at New Zealand ports, shipping lines have dramatically decreased space allocation on Trans-Tasman services in order to save time unloading at the port and keep delays at a minimum. Trans-Tasman services are currently fully booked until at least the end of June.

India COVID Situation
India is still seeing major space and equipment issues due to the current COVID climate.

Singapore Congestion
Singapore is also still currently facing serious congestion.
Current ETA’s Shipping Line Vanguard has given Stockwells notice on delays of vessel arrivals and new ETA’s for the current expected vessels. 
For more information contact [email protected]
Cargo Screening Ex USAStockwell International has received notice that effective July 1, 2021, all export airfreight cargo from the USA moving on freighters will require security screening. 

Stockwells has been advised and would like to kindly remind customers that this new requirement will cause some initial congestion, delays and additional costs. We have been advised to expect “congestion at ground handling receival depots, hours of waiting time to get offloaded, significant increases in airport transfer fees, earlier cut off times, and much shorter windows for last minute cargo to make scheduled consolidations”. 

Stockwell Internation will update customers with more information as it becomes available from Airlines. 

Contact [email protected] with any questions. 

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