How to Choose a Good Freight Forwarder

While there are many freight forwarding solutions, it’s essential that you choose an option matching your needs and expectations whether you need fast import solutions or a budget solutions Stockwell International can help. You have to determine what the freight forwarder actually offers, what they charge, and why.

Licensed for ocean and air freight

Any freight forwarder must be licensed with the relevant ocean and air licenses as required or as an NVOCC (Non-vessel operating common carrier) where relevant. They should be able to present these documents of licensing at any time.

Years of experience with freight forwarding

To get an idea you can confirm how many years a freight forwarder has been in business, staff numbers, offices, and global partnerships.

Larger/International companies like Stockwell International can deliver more quickly, frequently and more efficiently by leveraging our network.

Port-to-Door full-service

The smaller your company, the more likely you need a port-to-door solutions with warehousing and logistics in between. Stockwells offer a full-service solution that will move your cargo from the supplier right to your door, taking care of every other step in between.

Inventory inspection and packing support

Does your current freight forwarder support specific retail solutions? With Stockwells you can request inventory inspection, inventory consolidation, or even packing and unpacking depending on the solution.

Freight warehouse solutions

Do you need warehousing between pickup and delivery? Or storage at the port? Stockwells offer this if needed.

Transparent Pricing

Nearly all freight forwarders should offer specific quotes focused around company size, level of import, location/destination, and the difficulty of regulations surrounding the goods you are importing.

With Stockwells you will receive clear quotes, and be able to understand the total import cost (including customs fees, storage at port, import duties) and have a sales representative help you understand fee structures. Often sellers run into these issues and end up having to cut into profits when an surprisingly large bill comes up.

Don’t hesitate to ask us:

  • How much does insurance cost? What is included
  • Do rates fluctuate seasonally?
  • Do you offer flat rate? How do you determine pricing?
  • What volume commitment do I need to reduce costs?
  • How much does document preparation cost?
Export compliance

When you hire a freight forwarder, you want them to handle compliance. However, it’s legally still your responsibility. At Stockwells we have over 49 years of experience, making us competent, we can offer advise on commodities and have the resources to manage compliance in any country you’re importing from or exporting to.

What is the freight forwarding process?

So now that you have found the right company to take on the task for your business, what happens next? The process is relatively simple, especially compared against doing it yourself.

1.Finding a good freight forwarder

it’s important to look out for the following in your freight forwarding company:

  • Industry experience – international shipping isn’t easy, Stockwells has extensive freight
    forwarding experience and great customer testimonials
  • Country experience – freight forwarding requires international connections, we ensure that
    wherever your shipping to or from, we have experience and networks in that county
  • Different services – Stockwells offers a variety of services to help get your cargo to where it
    needs to be, including air, rail, sea, and ground
  • Locations – we can help you calculate your own shipping costs to where you would need to
    deliver and receive goods
  • Paperwork – we will complete all necessary paperwork, including customs manifests
2. Shipping your goods to a freight forwarder

Depending on the agreed international term of trade, you may need to send your products to Stockwells warehouse. This is known as export haulage and may be organised by yourself, or by your sales representative.

3. Documentation

Upon receipt, your cargo will be verified and Stockwells will complete and submit the required documents for customs clearance. In some cases, customs clearance will be obtained before the cargo is shipped.

4. Transportation

Your shipment is then physically transported using the supply chain of carriers arranged by your Stockwells sales representative.

5. Arrival 

Upon arrival, Stockwells will arrange with you for all outstanding documentation, carrier bills, and duties to be completed.

6. Import

Your shipment is then sent to its final destination. This is known as import haulage and is the final stage of the freight forwarding process.

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